Here's a Strong Reason Why You Should Shoose Cloud Hosting!

For those of you who are still public in using the website, make a post and then process all the data on the blog can be not too familiar with the name of Cloud Hosting or cloud computing.

But since the past few years whose name Cloud Hosting began to become increasingly circulated and used by many bloggers and website processors. It is technically a metaphorical hosting of this ' cloud hosting ' sentence that promises a lot of different things.

Only, the fact says that the existence of cloud hosting is not really captivating for many bloggers or website owners in Indonesia. So that knowledge about cloud hosting should be deeable. Well, for those of you who want to further understand and possibly use cloud hosting, can go in and see a number of reasons from the following ERP Software Blog.

Here's a Strong Reason Why You Should Shoose Cloud Hosting!

Hardware presence

For those who do not know, the existence of a dedicated server or shared use a physical server that looks the form. But on the other hand, the existence of cloud hosting is not using the same thing.

If you are using cloud hosting, then all you need to rely on is a stable internet connection. Udah that's it, Sob! Moreover, you also do not need to buy your own computer to be used as a server.

Eliminate dependency

In some cases, the use of shared and dedicated servers still use technician personnel who must stand by. Well the existence of cloud hosting is not as complicated as it is and does not really need a technician that always have to be there to monitor the server and connection stability.

Remote Access

For website owners, the flexibility of accessing the website can be a plus value. Indeed during this time with the existence of hotspots that are already everywhere, access is also easier. Cloud hosting is also increasingly reinforces the accessibility by allowing monitoring to be done anywhere and using any device.


For those of you who are more ordinary to use dedicated or shared then you are allocated with the amount of quota that has been fixed. While if you are using cloud hosting then the allocation can be adjusted to the needs and price. Much more flexible than fixed hosting.

Powerful abilities
This is the main and most powerful reason for you to choose cloud Hosting, because indeed the existence of this one hosting can accommodate very good strength. Incoming Traffic can allow for a much larger scale.

Compared with shared hosting that you share the room, the cloud will allow many users with very much size to access your website. That's why Google Drive, Dropbox and so on are already using the same hosting.
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